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Role of a Peterson Hospice Social Worker

Role of a Peterson Hospice Social  Worker

Until the care of Peterson Hospice, many of us may not have an interaction with a social worker.  In fact, many might have a negative connotation when they hear the term social worker.  They sometimes assume these individuals are only called in when someone has done something wrong.

The Peterson Hospice Social Worker is available to assist the patient and their family on any number of practical or emotional issues.  The following are examples of areas that our social worker can help:

  • Completing and/or locating Advance Directives to Physicians, Family or Surrogate and a Medical Power of Attorney.
  • Helping the patient and family understand the changing roles in their family network with changing healthcare needs of the hospice patient.
  • Helping family and loved ones with funeral planning.
  • Offering education about care giving; connecting patients and families to community resources.
  • Assessing the emotional needs of patients or caregivers.
  • Offering their personal experiences and discussing in  greater detail how they can help you and your family during a serious illness.

 The Peterson Hospice Social Worker strives to assist and walk along side the patient and family during this important time of life.  Please contact Peterson Hospice if you feel a Social Worker could assist you and your family.