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To help make sure the first day you spend with your new baby go as smoothly as possible, work with your doctor and birthing facility to write a birth plan. These 7 tips can help.

1. Choose the location. A hospital or birthing center is the most common choice, but home births have become more mainstream in recent years.

2. Visit the hospital ahead of time. This way, you'll know the best route to get there, where to go for check-in, even where you can park your car. Some hospitals will let you register ahead of your visit so that your insurance information is already on file.

3. Talk with your doctor and hospital staff. Ask about their policies and procedures. They may already have a set routine in place. Many hospitals and birthing centers can give you a brochure or pamphlet with this information. Use that as a launching point for your own birth plan.

4. Decide who you want there. Let your doctor know if you want your birth partner or any friends or family members to be with you in the room while you're giving birth. Some hospitals may be able to provide a professional labor coach to help you as well.

5. Think about pain medication. Some women opt for a completely natural, unmedicated birth. Others choose an epidural to control pain. It's important to decide ahead of time which you prefer.

6. Plan postpartum care. You can ask that some procedures, such as bathing or measuring, be delayed while you bond with your baby after giving birth. You can also choose to have your baby stay in your room with you at night rather than going to a nursery.

7. Leave some room for flexibility. If you've decided to have your baby at home, plan a way to get to the hospital if there's a situation that can't be handled by your birth team. If you want a natural childbirth, talk with your doctor about the possibility of an emergency cesarean section.

The Baby Place- More Like Home Than a Hospital
Warm and inviting, The Baby Place is a family-centered, mother-friendly newborn focused facility. At the Baby Place, we offer several birthing options, including midwife delivery, hydrotherapy and family centered c-sections. For more information, call 830-258-7444.